How are the mighty fallen

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My name is Dozie. I would like to share a little about my early experiences when I arrived in the U.K. As an ordained minister in the Anglican Church in Nigeria, I had all sorts of imagination as my lovely wife Nnenna told me what church was like in the UK. Her emphasis was on the way churches were being closed down or turned into pubs. I couldn’t connect with what she said until I finally came to join her and began seeing things for myself.

My visit to the first Anglican Church gave me the first shock. I saw a barely empty church with little or no young people. The liturgy was simply different and people seemed to want the service to be as short as possible. There was no mention of prayer meetings or weekly bible studies that could build the believer's life. After church, I spent the rest of the week seeking to understand the culture that I had become part of-  surveying the land- so to speak. I discovered more people spent their Sundays in the gym, or at the shops than in church. What puzzled me most was hearing people say I DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD. I couldn’t comprehend how people could say they didn’t believe in GOD when the whole earth declares his glory.

I began to wonder if this was the same UK that sent its missionaries to Africa. I thought of John Knox who said God give me Scotland or I die and Mary Sumner the Mother’s Union founder. These missionaries turned Africa around with the gospel of Christ. However, on arriving in their country, it seemed like no one cares about GOD anymore. The many mighty works of God had become history. As my heart began to bleed, the only scripture that could describe my grief fully is David’s poetry in 2 Samuel 1: 27-how are the mighty fallen and the weapons of war perish? Like David, I wept in prayers to GOD mourning the loss of a great Christian nation whose love for God seems cold or perhaps lost. How can the mighty fall when GOD is still mighty to save (Isaiah 63:1)?

Coming from an environment where evangelism and discipleship form the core of our Christian faith, you can begin to connect with my cultural shock on arrival to the UK. My wife was not left out as she found it extremely difficult to tell people about the love of Christ at work. She was always tagged RELIGIOUS and seen as different for talking about GOD when all the people want to hear is revolving around illicit sex or their last visit to the pub.

Together, our hearts burned like Nehemiah who saw the ruin of Jerusalem and asked GOD to help him rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. We are trusting GOD that we will team up with other believers to bring revival back to our nation. We believe that soon we will rejoice like Nehemiah when we see the walls rebuilt! Amen!




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